Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Reviews

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine introduces the WeE-book. "Packaging concise nuggets of wisdom from your favorite homeschool authors, covering a variety of topics of interest to homeschoolers, these bite-sized E-books are designed with today’s busy, homeschool mom in mind. WeE-book™ offer quick, affordable content that educates, inspires and encourages."

Well, I read a few of them recently. I thought the first WeE-book that I read, "Homework Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance" would be a good start for me. I run a child care center and preschool out of my home. I have often felt I was losing my balance, if not my mind! This WeE-book tells the stories of several families who homeschool and have home-based careers; from those who use the business as their sole source of income, to some who use it primarily as extra income. They also utilize a variety of homeschooling methods. Many of them teach and include their children in the family business. Some began their businesses after they started homeschooling, as a way to involve their family in an educational venture. Several of them gave great tips on beginning this endeavor yourself. I would definitely recommend this read, whether you are looking to start a business, or you already have one.

The next WeEbook I read is entitled "A Classical Education." If I was not already fascinated with the Classical style of homeschooling, this WeE-book would have gotten me hooked! In an interview with Christine Miller (a classical homeschooling author and homeschool mom), Kate Kessler, of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine , detailed some of the main advantages of Classically educating your children at home. Miller said that children “will have their education completed, instead of stunted.” She also gives wise tips and encouragement for those who are just starting out homeschooling, as well as for veterans. “Get in the habit of making the Lord your co-teacher every day.” She discusses her website, Classical Christian Homeschooling. It's a great resource for encouragement and learning about Classical Education. She states that “practicality is a primary consideration of” Classical Christian Homeschooling. Citing the author H.A. Guerber as an example, Miller talks about the value of providing "historical information in a way that excites children about learning ." Kessler's writing and interviewing style is easy to understand. She made me want to research more about the Classical style. In fact, I immdediately checked out the Classical Christian Homeschooling website! I highly recommend reading this WeE-book. Maybe together we will discover what Christine Miller did, that "learning virtue and wisdom is more important than learning subject matter."

Good to know that someone else has a little rebel! That was how I felt when I read "Homeschooling the Rebel", part one. Do you know how to recognize the triggers of rebellion? Deborah Wuehler showed us how in this WeE-book. She also gave us great tips on how to disciple your child, saying "Invest time you do not have, and you will reap fruit you did not expect." Wow. She also gives ideas on tailoring your homeschooling to fit your rebellious child, how to be consistent, and loving your rebel. I found it great to remember that God is "more interested in the heart and soul of " my child than I am!
In part two of "Homeschooling the Rebel", Ms. Wuehler gave even more concrete examples of dealing with a rebel. She gave lots of scripture reference for encouragement. I am also glad to know that "his training is more important than getting that load of laundry done." Tell that to my hubby!! Grab this one and read it, you'll be taking notes like I did!

What I thought was nice for new, or even veteran homeschoolers, was, at the end of every WeE-book, there is a section on "How to Begin Homeschooling."

You can check out the whole list of TOS's new We-Ebooks here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Fun

Dyeing easter eggs

Hunting for eggs

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am so irritated with my computer! I wonder if anyone else has the problems with ning that I have?! Every time I log on to my community today, it kicks me off the internet. Maybe it's not ning. Maybe it's the fact that I desperately need more memory on my computer. Then I am on this blog trying to post some Easter photos and I keep getting kicked out of Kodak Easy Share. Maybe I just need a new computer. Who knows. Hmmph. Technology.

Monday, April 13, 2009

CSI Mommy

I woke up the other morning to find a crime had occurred in my kitchen. See if you can solve the mystery.
The EvidenceThe Suspect

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poopy Diaper

At some point in every parent's life, the subject of poop (sorry, couldn't be said any other way) WILL come up. There just isn't any way around it. So while caring for my new niece, and drilling my 7 year old on parts of speech, there it was.
"Mommy, she pooped."
After I changed the tiny, but stinky, angel, I just couldn't resist.
"Okay, bud, new sentence. Tell me the noun, verb and adjective in this one: I changed her poopy diaper."
"Um, diaper is definitely the noun. I'm pretty sure changed is the verb. Could poopy be the adjective? Oooh, Mommy, that's gross!!"

I couldn't resist sharing......

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A note for my readers

I am sure I don't have millions of readers, but for those who do read, here's a little comment from me. I blog (when I have time!) to share a little piece of myself, my life, my opinions, and my passions with you. I am not one of those people that blogs to provoke negativity. I hope to inspire people that may not know me and happen upon my thoughts. I want to encourage people with children, those who homeschool, or send their children to public, private, or alternative schools. I enjoy swapping stories with child care providers and children who use child care. I created this blog in the hopes of letting others know that there are challenges as well as joys in every day life, no matter your situation. I would like to think that I have a variety (ooh, that was one of our vocab words last week!) of readers. Leave comments and share your thoughts at any time!