Friday, October 2, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine Review

Problem: You want your children to read more. You would like them to learn a little more about nature. You'd like to get them a magazine subscription for Christmas, one that you don't have to edit because of its evolutionary views on Creation.

Solution: Nature Friend Magazine.


What fun this has been to review! The first thing that struck me about Nature Friend is the sturdiness! The pages are not like your average every day magazine. They are nice and thick with the cover sporting original photography of what else.... nature! I received the August and September issues to review.

Each of our issues began with a scavenger hunt for things to look for while you peruse the pages. Butterbean (7) especially liked searching for the butterflies, acorns and deer tracks. But since we've been discussing camouflage, Middleman (4) has been quite interested!

Our August issue explored the topics of owls, locusts (called cicadas in our neck of the woods, and how perfect as we heard a lot of them around the time we were reading this!), and soft-shelled turtles, among others. Babyman (22 months) absolutely loved the owl photos. He has learned what owls look like, and that they say "Hoo hoo" thanks to Nature Friend's amazing photos!

Smaller Size

Nature Friend contains plenty of activities for our children to explore. Things like reader-submitted letters & pictures, word searches, monthly You Can Draw art lessons, and detailed articles written about God's awesome-ness that are NOT dumbed down.... a definite PLUS for me! Now I cannot guarantee this, but I can come pretty close in saying this magazine is a one-of-a-kind, in that it is a biblically based scientific magazine that is "helping families explore the wonder of God's Creation."

We also had the opportunity to sample the Study Guide. It's an 8-12 page insert that reinforces what you are learning in the magazine. It contains games, puzzles, research questions, a motto of the month, a creative writing lesson and a neat Photo Critique section where readers' photos can receive photography tips. If you choose to order the Study Guide with your subscription it costs $2 per month.

We love Nature Friend Magazine and highly recommend it!

Visit the order page to get your subscription for $36 for one year (12 issues).

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