Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sarah Books Review


As part of being a reviewer for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I received a book via mail to review for Sarah Books.

In Sarah’s Wish, Jim Baumgardner has crafted an historical story about a twelve year old named Sarah. Through a life changing event that begins the tale, Sarah learns some pretty hefty lessons for a girl so young. Taking place during the time of the Underground Railroad, Sarah’s Wish was written for storyteller Baumgardner’s grandchildren. The book “introduces them to the institution of slavery and sheds some light on those who opposed it.”

I really enjoyed this wholesome piece of literature. It was easy to imagine myself part of the story. It was very realistic. I could almost hear Granny talking! I think my boys enjoyed my portrayal of Granny’s accent too!
I read the book aloud to my boys, ages seven and four. We read books to them that are above their personal reading levels. However, I felt that this book was a bit beyond their years. They understood more than I would have expected, even though we have yet to discuss slavery. I suppose in a way this introduced the issue! This book is a great read for older children. I would not, however recommend this book for seven and four year olds!

For more info on Sarah's Wish and the sequels, Sarah's Promise and Sarah's Escape, check out excerpts here.

You can purchase Sarah's Wish here for $9.99 which includes an autograph, a downloadable audio version and a subscription to Sarah's newsletter.

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