Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beehive Reader 1

Would it be okay, do you think, to say that a book is precious? It's certainly not an oft used word in my vocabulary, but I would definitely use it to describe Beehive Reader 1 that Ms. Marie Rippel sent me to review. This little book corresponds to the All About Spelling program that I reviewed in December. But you certainly don't need to own them both to use either one!

Middleman (newly 5) is learning how to read. We are slowly working our way through a reading program. From the time he could hold one, he has flipped through the pages of many a book. Even though he is not an independent reader yet, he has no problem picking up a random book (be it full of pictures, or the King James Version of the bible with no illustrations!) and looking through it for long periods of time. Thus far, he hasn't been interested in the early readers we've found at the library. Although there are a few exceptions, they are generally too juvenile and chock full of "cheese."

So it was no surprise that I was not the only one in our house to appreciate the beautiful hard-cover Beehive Reader 1. Ms. Rippel has done an amazing job telling short stories in this well- made-not-your-run-of-the-mill-reader! Middleman can read quite a few of the words on his own. And once we start using All About Spelling with him, he'll be reading the Beehive with no trouble.
Ms. Renee LaTulippe has provided beautiful black and white illustrations that pull the reader right into the story. There is no shortage of detail in these one-of-a-kind pictures. I cannot wait to see the other readers in this series, which will be out this year!

To order your copy of this well made Beehive Reader, check out the website! If you'd like to read more reviews, you can do that too!

I received the book for free and provided my review without compensation.

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