Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was given a free trial subscription to Mathscore for review purposes. Mathscore is an online math practice program for students between first grade and algebra. Some of the third grade topics are

Fast Addition
Understanding Multiplication
Basic Word Problems
Rounding Numbers
Unit Cost
Time Conversion

The cost for the program is $14.95 for the first student, $5 for the second and $3.95 for each student thereafter. You can view demos here.

In my family, we prefer our supplemental computer work to have lots of graphics, sound effects and a general feeling of "mommy can I play that!" Unfortunately, with Mathscore, we did not get that. The program is very worksheet oriented, which was not hugely appealing to us. I ended up using it more than my 8 and 5 year old boys. It actually helped reinforce my math skills so that I might be able to teach my little guys better! I did notice that they had made some changes for the better, between the times that I logged in. So it does appear the program may work better for my students later on.

Please read what other reviewers had to say here. And check out the Mathscore website here.

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