Saturday, September 12, 2009

Studypod Review

So, Butterbean doesn't study yet. It's perfectly okay, though, because this innovative company called Genio has created something that has way more uses in our house than just for studying! It's called, Studypod.

It's this ingenious little gadget that we received in the mail to review. When we first took the Studypod out of its box, what first struck me was the feel of it. It's sized and shaped like a book, sleek black in color (although, it comes in blue and pink too), and the texture is really cool.
Genio describes Studypod as a "book holder designed for students." It was developed by a teacher, and designed to hold books or papers at a comfortable level while working. It holds your book open so your hands are free for typing or writing. (or for me, feeding a baby!) It's super simple to set up. You pull out the stand, open the Studypod, and lock it into place. After you fold down the built-in shelves, you sit your book or paper on top. Then you fold over the page support arms to hold your book open, or your paper in place. Butterbean (7) and Middleman (4) both easily set it up. It has a cute little velcro mesh pocket inside for storing items too. The Studypod has come in handy for holding my guitar book open (yes, I am attempting to learn the guitar...hahaha). However, my favorite use so far is as a cookbook holder. Everytime I have baked, it never fails, I am propping my cookbook up; usually with the oatmeal container behind it, and cocoa in the front. Then inevitably, something slides on the counter, and the cookbook falls over, knocking the vanilla or cocoa powder with it! So not only has the Studypod made my recipe reading easier, but it's made my counters cleaner too!

Butterbean may not be a studier yet, but he does read and do copywork.
He loves building with legos. (See the Studypod holding up his instructions?!)And he is a magic trick fanatic ("Mommy, I'm turning the Studypod around so you can't see what I'm going to do.") As for my family, we love the Studypod, and I truly can see us using it for a long time to come!
For more info on Genio's Studypod, check out their website here. Normally the Studypod sells for $19.95. But if you're reading this review on my blog, you get a $5 discount! Just type in the code TOSBLOG5 when you order yours here.

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