Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Math Galaxy

Was I excited about yet another math review? Not necessarily. But that is indeed what I received! The Galaxy of Education allowed me to download several of their Math Galaxy products for free, however, so I couldn't complain! Here is what they offered in exchange for my review.
Whole Numbers Fun
Fractions Fun
Decimals, Proportions, % Fun
Word Problem Fun
Pre Algebra Fun
Algebra Fundamentals

As Whole Numbers Fun is geared toward first through fourth grades, we decided to focus on that one. From the creators "Math Galaxy starts from the beginning, with addition and multiplication tables and single-digit operations, but its main focus is on where children start having trouble with math: multi-step problem-solving... Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Fun is a comprehensive math tutorial that is like having an interactive textbook and your own private tutor, with explanations, practice and games that cover whole number operations, including place value, rounding and estimating, patterns and number sequences, word problems, time, money, graphs, probability, and geometry concepts appropriate for lower grades, including length, area and volume."

Having already taken several math programs on a test run, Butterbean did not find Math Galaxy interesting. Now don't get me wrong, this program definitely has value. My 8 year old would learn from the tutorials and games, if I forced him to give it a chance! Unfortunately, for this particular product, he is a bells and whistles kind of learner. If a game isn't sparkly, he won't stay with it for long. I think for some, Math Galaxy may be a little shiny, but there's just not enough action for my little ball of energy!
I can see how Math Galaxy would work for some families. There are lots of worksheet-type-but cooler activities to choose from, including fun little games and riddles. The program is well laid out, and could be used supplementally for many years. But sadly, for now anyway, it just isn't our cup of tea! Don't take my word for it, judge for yourself. You can purchase Whole Numbers Fun for $29.95 here. If you'd care to read what other reviewers thought, you can do that too.

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