Monday, February 8, 2010

Math Tutor DVD

I received two DVDs to review for Math Tutor DVD. The first, The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor is a two DVD set that is composed of an eight hour video course. The contents are

Adding Whole Numbers
Subtracting Whole Numbers
Multiplying Whole Numbers
Dividing Whole Numbers
Adding Decimals
Subtracting Decimals
Multiplying Decimals

Dividing Decimals
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions
Ratio and Proportion

The DVD is recorded in basic lecture format, with the teacher talking to the audience, using his white board for written example problems. The video was great review for Mommy, and I could see myself using it to brush up my skills before teaching the boys. However, it is not at all appropriate for my active learners, who would much rather jump on the trampoline while reciting multiplication facts! (Although, I suppose they could jump while watching this DVD.)
The second DVD, Young Minds Numbers and Counting was perfect for Babyman (2), Babybug (1) and Little A (2 1/2). I cannot say enough good things about this adventure in numbers and counting. From the moment the photographs appeared on the screen, and the classical music began playing, their little eyes were peeled. Babyman shouted out numbers as the animals and vehicles made their way into his line of vision. The real life photos were gorgeous, the graphics attention-grabbing. We would definitely purchase this DVD had we not received it as a gift!
If you'd like to read what other reviewers thought about Math Tutor DVD, please click the banner below. If you'd like to purchase the DVDs ($26.99 for Basic Math Word Problems, $19.99 for Young Minds), you can do so here.

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