Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Critical Thinking Company

I have been receiving this catalog for about a year now, and I always enjoy browsing through and marking up a wish list. I was excited to receive a book from The Critical Thinking Company to review.

Their "award winning products have helped students of all abilities achieve better grades and higher test scores with highly effective lessons that sharpen the mind..." They are "committed to developing children's critical thinking skills for better grades, higher test scores, and success in life."
Just because I question their mission statement, doesn't mean I can't love their products, at least this one! I received Balance Benders (beginning level for 2-6 graders), a Logic and Algebraic Reasoning Puzzles book. Now, typically, I am really excited about receiving things to review by snail mail. But upon opening this book, I thought for sure I had missed the critical thinking boat. Hero (Daddy) and Butterbean (8) cracked open this puppy at the kitchen table and proceeded to whiz right through the first twelve puzzles. Every now and again, Hero would ask Butterbean to explain the problem to Mommy! This softcover book, Balance Benders contains 40 pages of puzzles that involve basic algebraic concepts. But trust me, your child doesn't have to be studying algebra to try them out. Butterbean is eight (3rd grade) and he and Hero truly enjoyed this little book!

We will surely use Balance Benders for a while to come, as there are some puzzles Butterbean has trouble with! Print out and try a page before you buy, or go ahead and order Balance Benders for $9.99. There are several levels, and you can check them all out right here.
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