Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth, written by Maria Miller has been my latest math review quest. This is the first math curriculum review that I've been able to print out, so I'm pretty excited about it!

Math Mammoth offers four different color-coded series of books. The Light Blue series is a grade-leveled complete math curriculum. The Blue series contains shorter worktexts for various topics. The Golden and Green series are worksheet collections for third to eighth graders.

As recommended by Ms. Miller, Butterbean (8, boy) took a couple of placement tests and together we decided upon the Grade 3 complete worktext from the Light Blue series. Both parts contain all the lesson materials and exercises, and include the explanations of the concepts. Each chapter has an introduction to assist the teacher, that includes a list of online links.
Part A covers Addition and Subtraction Strategies, Multiplication Concept, Multiplication Tables, Clock and Money. Part B teaches Place Value with Thousands, Geometry, Measuring, Division, More on Multiplication and Fractions. The e-version that I downloaded also came with lots of support materials; geometry cut-outs, cumulative reviews with answer keys for each chapter, tests, extra chapters on Canadian and European money, and an awesome worksheet generator.
As we take several days to complete each lesson, we are not very far along in the worktext. Butterbean has been working at a third grade level this year, but we have found Math Mammoth to be challenging. He has learned many new math concepts, and has also had plenty of review! Math Mammoth has, happily, taken over as our math curriculum. We plan to complete all of Grade 3.
I had some concerns with Middleman (5, boy) as I've never done written math work with him. But he insisted "Mommy, I want to review something too!!!" Ms. Miller was kind enough to send me Addition 1 to try out with him. He has loved playing the suggested games with Butterbean. We have looked through the Addition 1 worktext, and have used manipulatives while looking at the written problems (with pictures). We have not done any written math work with Middle, though. I am excited to use this worktext over the next couple years with him. I know he'll enjoy it!
Overall, Math Mammoth has been a great fit for my family. Ms. Miller has been a wonderful advisor, and the program itself is terrific! You can download Grade 3 parts A and B for $29.70. If you want to order printed copies, you can do that too. The supportive materials are sold separately for $14.
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I received the above materials free of charge, and reviewed them with no compensation.

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