Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maverick Books

Well I was ecstatic when I checked the mailbox yesterday! I received a package from Maverick Books (Hank the Cowdog). I thought, "What in the world? We already completed our review!" The boys were absolutely thrilled to open the package and find 4 WHITE DROVERS!! If you read my original Hank the Cowdog review, you'll remember that Butterbean was sure that Drover was supposed to be white. I wasn't as concerned, and we have loads of fun playing the game anyway. But how exciting that Maverick was kind enough to send us new Drovers, in the correct color. Thanks, Maverick!Oh, and yes, it was necessary to take a photo with all of us holding a Drover! (sorry, Daddy, not you! I don't think he'll be sad about it!)

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