Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nature Study

Those unplanned child-led nature studies are just the best, aren't they? As my boys were swinging on the swingset several weeks ago, my attention was called for. "Mommy, look, there's a bird in that nest!" There's an apple tree right behind the swingset, and sure enough, a mommy bird was sitting in her nest. Over the next few weeks, we kept a close eye on her, the boys noticing any changes. We saw first hand when the two babies hatched, listened to them cheep while Mama went for food. Then just yesterday Middle man said "Mommy, that baby bird is trying to fly." What a miraculous experience to witness those babies from when they were laid as eggs, to when they took their first flight out of the nest!


  1. Hi, just stopped in from Our Lifestyle of Learning...I love your blog! AND, I love birds, so I especially liked this post! God is awesome to bring those moments into our lives!!