Monday, November 1, 2010

Follow Up to Insight

For those of you that read my last blog post, I've decided to write a follow-up post!
I know some of you were concerned that I even allow my children to watch tv, let alone have the 20 cable channels it takes to have access to Insight's On Demand feature. If you know me, you'll know that I am not one who sits my kiddos down in front of mindless television day in and day out to rot their brains. Trust me, I'd much rather not even have a tv, but live on a farm where my children could learn values by milking cows and feeding chickens.

But alas, we do not have free access to said farm, cows, or even goats, for that matter. So yes, on occasion, I do let my boys view a cartoon!

As for Insight, I received a very nice email from an employee. He stated that my concerns were founded; and that he would check into my proposal of having a parental control on the previews. I hope that actually happens! I'll keep you posted.

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