Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reading Eggs... A review

Warning: This is going to be a picture-happy post, as Babyman figured out how to take screen-shots during "his" review process and he wanted me to put pictures of everything on my blog!
For the past couple of months, I have been reviewing Reading Eggs.  Actually, I probably should clarify that.  Technically my boys have been reviewing the website, as they don't allow me to play!  It's a shame, as it's a "really cool" website according to Middleman.

We couldn't have begun this review at a more perfect time, as my youngest, Babyman, 5, began his journey into reading not long ago.  Reading Eggs and beginning readers go hand in hand.  In fact, it reinforces just what our little guy is learning. 

Middleman, 8, is a bit more advanced in his reading skill, but Reading Eggs is a great review for him.  He is at just the right level for Reading Eggspress, which we also had the opportunity to explore. 

Butterbean (11), of course, although taking the Driving Test with Reading Eggs, much preferred the age-tailored lessons of Reading Eggspress. Although, Mommy is excited to know that it's mostly review also. 
Reading Eggs uses online one-on-one lessons with a combined phonics and sight word approach.  The lessons are mainly for non-readers up to about a third-grade level. (It was super easy for my about third grader, but he loved playing anyway!)
After I set up my account (which, by the way, you can try it out for free before you buy), I set up my students.  When each child logs in, they can choose where to go.   Babyman always goes to his map first, chooses a lesson, and completes it, with the help of Sam, his ant friend.  After that, he typically listens to a song or two at the music cafĂ©. 

He also likes visiting his Playroom where he can read stories from his bookshelf, have fun at the virtual craft table, work on puzzles, and play many  games perfectly suited for him.        

Students can earn fun rewards like golden eggs, with which they can buy games in the arcade, clothes and more in Reggie's shop, and Reading Eggs critters. 

The more lessons each child completes, the more areas of his map he can unlock and play.  After completing ten lessons, the boys can earn gold, silver or bronze certificates to place in their houses by taking a quiz based on what they've learned so far.   
Middleman and Butterbean were more focused on Reading Eggspress, designed for readers aged 7-13.  Butterbean's favorite part (although not a challenge) is Comprehension Gym, which is a review in English for him.  It covers such areas as dictionary skills,  parts of speech, and reading comprehension.  In the Stadium, students can compete against the computer, or other students to brush up on their spelling,vocabulary, or grammar skills. 
Just like Reading Eggs, with Reading Eggspress, the more golden eggs you earn, the more fun things you get to buy when you visit the mall. 
And of course, you mustn't forget to visit the library to read books and earn even more golden eggs!

I really cannot say enough good things about Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress.  There is also a mobile app called Eggy, which I have not reviewed.  Should the app become available for the Kindle Fire (hint hint), I'd love to try it out!  If you have any questions about Reading Eggs, please don't hesitate to comment here, or check out at the website.  

I was not paid for this review.  The opinions expressed are solely my own.  I received free access for a period of time to Reading Eggs in exchange for my review.   

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