Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Raising a reader

Teaching my first born how to read at four started out to be exciting. And for the most part it was. He wanted to learn to read, and on most days it was easy going. There were those times however, when I actually had to remind myself why I was homeschooling, and wasn't I crazy to teach a four year old how to read? But with each passing lesson, and day, and month, it got a little easier, and more fun. I must admit, I am still a little prideful to say "I taught my boy how to read!" How exciting that I got to be the one to see his eyes light up when he could read those signs at the restaurant, or see a picture on a book at the library and be able to read the title! At first, I started checking out those beginning readers. After a couple of weeks he got bored with the level 4s, so we had to find something more exciting. He already has a couple favorite series books.. Hardy Boys, Cam Jansen (thanks to cousins for introducing us to Cam!) and Beverly Lewis' Cul de Sac Kids. Well yesterday was probably the highlight of his reading career for me. He and Daddy came back from a day of big boy errands, one being the library. He had discovered "Choose your own adventure" books. (btw, Daddy & Mommy loved them when we were young!) Keep in mind that here in KY there is an inch of snow and ice on the ground and it was probably 18 degrees. But there stood my little 7 yr old reader on the porch. Mommy, standing at the door beckoning him to come in and get warm, and him, oblivious. There he was wrapped up in his coat and toboggan, and fingerless camo gloves, reading. What a pure mommy moment for me!!

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