Friday, August 21, 2009

Hero Hubby

Last night Babyman came to me in an obvious distraught state, pointing to the front door saying "Mommy, moke, moke, hot, hot!" I hadn't heard Daddy go out the door a few minutes earlier, so I worried when I couldn't find him anywhere. When I followed Babyman to the door, we could see billows of black smoke coming from behind the house across the street. Within five minutes, 8 firetrucks had arrived on our street. When they headed behind the house, Hero hubby was coming out. He had seen the fire, run out, retrieved our hose and began dousing the flames of the neighbors' garage, who weren't home. He extinguished the fence and the outside of the garage, before the firefighters arrived to finish the inside of the garage. Even though not a uniformed firefighter (not yet, anyway!), my hubby reminded me last night what a true hero he really is!

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