Monday, October 19, 2009

Educaching Review


If I didn't already know about Geocaching, I certainly would after having done my latest review.

Created by 5th grade teacher, Jason Hubbard and the staff of SDG Creations, Ltd., Educaching is an "innovative curriculum that uses GPS technology to teach all subject material including math, science and social studies." Using this 128 page activity guide and manual, students and their teachers are given the opportunity to "hunt for their learning," and the "ability to interact with the world around them..."

My family has used geocaching educationally since we began in August of 2008. So, when I received the digital version of Educaching in my inbox to review, I was excited, to say the least. What a great idea Mr. Hubbard had to use this up and coming world wide phenomenon to create a curriculum!


The digital version that I received contains five sections titled:
1. Teacher Training
2. Lesson Plans (including beginner, intermediate and advanced)
3. Field Sheets
4. Acquiring GPS (including Fundraising and Grant Writing 101)
5. Beyond the Basics

I loved the manual's layout. It is concisely written and very well organized. Before introducing the Educaching lessons, Mr. Hubbard describes in great detail what a GPS receiver is and does (Global Positioning System that basically tells you where you are on Earth!). He lets you know what features to look for when buying a GPS.

Educaching teaches you everything you need and ever wanted to know about geocaching; what a geocache is, travelbugs and geocoins (that reminds me, I need to drop my coins and travelbug in a cache somewhere!), and how to conduct his fabulous lessons.

And then... come the lessons! There are 20 planned lessons for you to use; 12 beginner, 6 intermediate and 2 advanced. The lessons can be used with a relatively large group of children, or just one child and they are geared for grades 4-8. Some of the beginner level lesson titles are
Grand Slam!
Dino Discovery!
Which Tree is Which?

Section 3 contains oodles of Field Sheets to go with the lessons. Your student or group of students will take these out into the field to use while he's searching for his cache. I think the field sheets were probably my favorite part of the curriculum! We have used a couple of them for our traditional family geocaching!

There's an invaluable section at the end that tells you how to obtain your GPSs; be it through fundraising, borrowing, purchasing (keep in mind, the more features, the more pricey!), and writing a grant to receive the receivers for your school.

Well, I can't tell you everything about Educaching, you'll have to get your own copy! I can tell you, though, that we absolutely love geocaching, and Educaching has been a super supplement to our already educational high-tech treasure hunting!

To purchase Educaching for $32 check it out here. I definitely recommend the 3-ring binder with CD version! Of course, you can get the electronic version as well. Read more about Educaching here. If you want to know what the other reviewers have to say, check it out here.

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