Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worship Guitar

I had the opportunity to view Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids. Through online streaming video, my five year old and I learned a lot about this instrument that is not as mysterious as we had once thought.

Here's what your child should learn:

how to hold down a note to get a clear tone on the guitar
melody plucking to strengthen his hands
half a dozen worship songs she can sing and play
eleven guitar chords
how to read guitar tabs and chords charts
how to make up his own verses to songs
Christian values from each song

I really liked the fact that Ms. Welles uses a seven year old in her lessons. It helps my children and I see that it is possible, even for us, to play the guitar! The lessons are slow, concise and very easy to follow. Close-ups are used to better see what each hand is doing. Due to my obvious computer difficulites, I wish I had been able to review the DVD version, as I am sure we'd continue using it!

When you purchase the program, you'll receive a two and a half hour DVD with nine lessons, a 30+ page downloadable eBook, a practice session for every lesson, and a practice chart. The program costs $29.97 and comes with a money back guarantee. If you click here, you can get the first thirteen pages of the book for free as well as view a short excerpt. You also have the option of getting the program through online streaming video, like us, for $28. I think Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids is an amazing program, well worth its price. Had I purchased the program myself, I would have ordered the DVD version.

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