Monday, February 15, 2010

Zeezok Publishing

I was given the chance to review two neat little books from Zeezok Press.

Edward MacDowell and His Cabin in the Pines both arrived, free, on my doorstep. Both books are part of Zeezok's Great Musician Series. The books are "biographies of the Master Composers written especially for children." I also received a study guide for each book and a companion CD that includes sample music of the composers, printable sheet music and coloring pages.
The books are written in story format. We learned so much more reading these well written books than if we'd checked out a biography from the library. In fact, until reading these two charming stories, we've been quite bored with reading about composers! Both books were written so that my third grader could easily read them independently, or to his two little brothers. But all the boys much preferred listening to me read them!
The study guides start off with a timeline and map of major cities of interest to the composer. In the following pages, there are reading comprehension questions, character qualities (wow, very cool!), and tidbits of interest pertaining to each chapter. There are several ways to order these little gems. You can purchase items separately (books for $12.95, study guides $4.95, CD $7.95). Or you can purchase the whole kit and kaboodle (just what I received) for $35.80.

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