Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Whew, I just completed an exhaustive search during naptime for some good notebooking pages for rocks and/or minerals. My big guy is making a display for his rock collection to complete a cub scout belt loop. He wanted a picture of some sort for the top of his cookie tin (which houses only 20 or so of his rocks. While I was searching, I discovered that Konos curriculum (of which I own Volume 1) has a section on rocks! He wanted to do a rock experiment today, so he got out all of his rocks and proceeded to test them all with vinegar for the presence of limestone. We had been using a spiral notebook for science notes and experiments. He was so excited, that I decided to start an offical binder-style notebook. I printed out the cover, which he colored (a big deal in itself, he's not a big fan of coloring!). Then together we completed an experiment page. He even did most of the writing himself... hooray! For math today, we worked on multiplication. Using an egg carton and some heart shaped pasta, we practiced making sets. It came so easily for Big guy, that he quickly completed the Valentine themed worksheet I printed out!
Just a few minutes ago, while his brothers and little friends were peacefully sleeping, he started and won a third grade computer game.

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