Thursday, February 26, 2009

My littlest monkey climbs... all the time, on everything. Yesterday was no exception. It was right before naptime. We were having our typical storytime. Now sometimes my baby man will sit in my lap and listen to the story. And other times, like the typical 14 (almost 15, wow!) month old, he will run around while I read. Yesterday was a run day. And a climb day. Into the toy shopping cart he went. And over it tumbled. My little guy fell straight forward and landed smack on his face. He was silent for about two seconds, then started howling. I immediately picked him up and blood literally poured from his mouth. As my heart beat faster, and my tears started to come, I asked my biggest little man (who is seven) to go get Daddy (who had taken a sick day). We couldn't see well enough to tell if his baby teeth were broken, or pushed up. My worst fear, that he had swallowed them! Granny came over (God bless her!) and took care of my two big boys, as well as my two preschool charges. Daddy and I rushed baby to the ER. The ER docs and nurses couldn't tell either, so they sent us to the Peds dentist. Through lots of tears (mine and baby's!), and a very strong Daddy, we got some x-rays and another examination. Sure enough, those little baby teeth had smacked our hardwood floor so hard, they had been pushed up into the gums. The dentist sent us home with instructions on keeping an eye out for infection, and the reassurance that those two teeth will reemerge in a couple of months.

In the meantime, I am finally calm, and I thank God for my hubby's sick day!

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