Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything I Learned From School

I am reading a Geography book from the library, and I am quite perturbed. It discusses the Ice Age(s), and thank goodness, I was prereading it before teaching it to my boys! Years ago, I would not have questioned that there were several Ice Ages, that the Earth had been around for millions of years, and that dinosaurs lived before man. I have always believed in the Bible and Creation, and never believed in the theory of Evolution. But having not studied the Bible to the depths that a lot of Creation Scientists have, I never thought about how old the Earth is.
Of course, when you homeschool, your children come up with all kinds of questions, that MAKE you think about these things. I cannot believe some of the things I was taught in a public school system. And had I not homeschooled, and my children hadn't begun asking thought provoking questions (that I did not know the answers to), I would never have known some of the things I now know. They had a fascination with dinosaurs not too long ago. I could easily have done a unit study on the subject. But I was afraid the answers I would give and ALL the books that we would read would be scientific, and NOT FACT!! I just thought that maybe they didn't really exist, and I didn't want to have to squelch their interest. Why didn't anyone teach me years ago, that they did exist, that they were on the Ark, just like all the other animals; that the reasons they're no longer here are the same reasons a lot of other animals are now endangered or extinct! Why aren't there good books in the library that teach the facts found in the Bible?? I will continue to search out good websites (like the one I happened upon today) and science books/curricula that help me find my answers as well as my children's! How do people (and Lord help me if I ever have to) hand over their children to a place that will teach them untruths that they will be haunted with for the rest of their lives?

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