Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's 8:15 in the morning. I am gathering school books and supplies for big boy. I sit down to read a short article on Susan Wise Bauer's blog (whom I have recently rediscovered) when I hear
"Ssshhh." And another little whisper voice "Sssss." The first one "Ssshh, hide from Mama." " (giggle) Sss... Mama." I get up and tiptoe to where I think the little sneakers are. The dishwasher is running and middle man and baby man (who frequently sits against the dishwasher when it's running) are cozied up together, hiding. We have one of those portable, roll-around dishwashers and when it's hooked up to the sink, there's just enough space between it and the wall to create a little hidey-hole. Between the vibrations of the machine, and the heater vent, it's quite a warm little spot too. So I snuck up on my two boys and remember again why I chose to be a Mama.

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