Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Short story long. (yes, that's the way I meant to type it!) My washer and dryer are located in my bathroom. When I transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer, I have to close the bathroom door. We used to have a door stopper on the back of the door to keep it from ramming into the washing machine when little boys fling it open. However, the rubber part has long since disappeared and now there is a sometimes dangerous little screw-like thing sticking out. Needless to say, babyman (19 months old now) wanted to come in while I was putting clothes into the dryer. He flung the door open and that little screw thing smacked the back of my heel. I put a little square bandaid on my boo -boo. A little while later, babyman said he had a boo- boo on his foot. I looked to where he pointed, and there was my bandaid on his foot! Now he is either destined to be a pickpocket (because I certainly did not feel him remove my bandaid), or it didn't stick very well to my foot! You be the judge.

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