Thursday, September 3, 2009


So, have you heard all the hullabaloo about mommy bloggers? Apparently we're a hot commodity. Oh, and we should be edited... censorship? I am not on that bandwagon. I don't think enough people even read my blog to worry about what I say. Plus, somebody, somewhere is going to be offended by something someone says!
Now I have heard that big companies have been giving mommy bloggers things for advertising on their blogs. And I say, Band-aid brand, if you are reading my blog, feel free to send me some free band-aids and I will gladly publicize you!!
As a mama with three little boys, boo-boos are inevitable. I swear, I just bought a box of 80 assorted band-aids two weeks ago. Butterbean just used the last one because he cut his finger on his tape measure. I think I should own stock in Band-aid!

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