Friday, September 4, 2009

Potted Plant

I was interviewing a family not long ago for childcare for their little one. The mom asked me "So, how do you go to the bathroom?" Well it took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, because around here, it's known as the "potty." Yes, believe it or not, I have even asked store clerks before "Excuse me, where is the potty?" Back to the story. The woman's question was valid. After all, I take care of 6+ children all day all by myself. So when I can go to the potty, it's important to try and make sure everyone is occupied. Today the necessity came up and I placed 8 month old baby in her playpen. Everyone was busily playing. When I came out, the first thing I saw was the baby looking out giggling uncontrollably. The second thing I saw was a trail... of dirt... from the potted plant... all the way across my living room. The third vision was two little boys looking extremely guilty (Babyman and his 2 year old buddy), with their clenched fists gazing up at me as if to say "It wasn't me!" After several deep breaths, the broom and the dustbuster, I think I got most of the dirt cleaned up. I wonder if I'll find any under the couch cushions two weeks from now?!

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